3 thoughts on “New website!

  1. Dear Boris,

    Every one of your CDs has found a welcome home in my library and they are being listened to regularly with enormous satisfaction. I am also looking forward to whatever releases you make in the future.

    Sometimes when I have guests, I will play one without telling them who is playing. Inevitably, the question arises about who it is, and I often answer by asking who it sounds like to them. You’d be astonished, and probably flattered, by the sorts of names that emerge.

    Not for a second am I suggesting that you are not a great pianist too! Nor are you without your own unique sound and interpretive skills. But for people to be thinking the pianist they are hearing is among the greatest from the present or past suggests that you too are enjoying a highly successful career.

    I hope this continues for a long time!

    With best wishes,


    • Dear Stephen, many thanks for the kind words! Please note that this blog is no longer maintained. For new materials, please visit borisgiltburg.com or Beethoven32.com
      Best regards, Boris

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